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Well if he loses his judgeship in Ohio, he could always move to Florida

judge.jpgOut in Ohio, Judge John Plough has his hands full. He’s currently being “looked at” by the Ohio Supreme Court because of a long list of complaints sent to the state Supremes by another local judge. This judge says that Plough is “making a mockery of justice” by trying to bully unrepresented criminal defendants into entering guilty pleas, by not keeping good court records, and by ignoring the right of defendants to a speedy trial.

And now Plough has gotten himself some more bad press for throwing assistant public defender Brian Jones into the clink because Jones wasn’t ready to take a case to trial. This is the second time he’s tossed a PD in the clink for not being ready for trial, and Plough also threatened the same punishment twice last year.

Dennis Lager, the chief public defender for the county, says that Plough basically expects these lawyers to be ready to take their cases to trial after just one or two days of being assigned to the cases. And this is a problem since, you know, public defenders (like all lawyers) “have an ethical and legal duty to represent our clients competently and effectively.” And things have gotten so bad that Lager’s office’s “standing policy is to insist on jury trials in Plough’s court because of the belief that Plough will not be fair to defendants if he hears the trials without a jury.”

You know, these pesky public defenders just want it all, don’t they? Folks complain that Plough doesn’t respect defendants’ Constitutional right to a speedy trial. So he tries to hurry these cases along and what does he get for his good efforts? More grief. Asked for comment, Plough said, “I know what Rodney Dangerfield felt like man — I don’t get no respect up here. Now where are some more criminals I can fuck over?”