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Well everyone knows you can’t trust a guy with a beard

zz-top.jpgHouston’s City Council is embroiled in a legal battle of epic proportions — trying to keep up its ban on uniformed policemen having beards. There’s a pending civil rights lawsuit by police officers who say that this ban is discriminatory again men who can’t shave for medical or religious reasons (“Pseudofolliculitis barbae is a dermatological condition common among men with thick and curly facial hair. Shaving can cause irritating rashes, ingrown hairs, bleeding and scarring.”). But City Council isn’t going down without a fight, as it’s authorized spending up to $150,000 to defend against the lawsuit.

This beard-ban has been around for 15 years and helps ensure, according to the city, that police officers look conservative, professional and proud of their appearance. Says the Mayor: “It meets the expectation of the public of what a law enforcement officer or member of the military, for that matter, ought to look like.”

Word. I’m sick of all the fucking hippies too!