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Well at least he had his priorities in check

corona.jpgLast week, a dude down in the OC got busted for a DUI. Sheriff’s deputies noticed his car driving a bit unusually and tried to pull him over. This, naturally, led to a chase. At one point the unnamed driver even tried to run the deputies down. When that failed, he decided to jump out of the car and take them on a foot chase.

The thing of it is, you surely don’t want to lose your buzz while running from the cops, right? So this drunk made the smart play and took a beer with him!

“There was a 12-pack of Corona he was working on in the front seat,” Orange County sheriff’s Cmdr. Jeff Stonebreaker said. “He decided to take one of those over the fence with him. So, he bails out of the car and runs from the deputies with a beer in his hand.”

Shockingly, he didn’t get away from the deputies, and was promptly arrested and charged with DUI (not his first) and aggravated assault. And while we don’t know the cat’s name, we do have this wonderful image to remember him by forever: