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Well 18-and-1 is almost as good, right?

eli-manning.jpgThis Super Bowl game was hell for me, because I hate the Patriots, but I hate the Giants, so I was left rooting for a good game which somehow wound up with neither team winning. But of course, the G-men pulled it off. Congrats to Eli, I guess (but, as was said repeatedly at the party I just returned from, he still looks like an unkempt cleaning lady).

Anyway, the ever-obnoxious Patriots had already applied to register trademarks for “19-0” and “19-0 The Perfect Season.” Well over at The TTABlog, Marty Schwimmer sums it up perfectly:

Well, you get three years to file a statement of use on that 19-0 application.


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and don't forget to mention how the Pat's coach was being a little bitch with 1 second left in the game and he made everyone get off the field for that, what a douche....