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Uhm, no you won’t

Seriously Hillary, don’t try to play Obama’s game, because you won’t win.

(Feel free to stop watching after the 35 second mark, although there is a bizarre bit of crowd interaction at around 1:30 — I don’t know if there’s anything worth watching past that, because I just couldn’t stick with it.)

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You didn't miss much, apart from a fairly pandering comment about how she's the person who should be "hired" to be president, and that
no tax dollars will be spent toward outsourcing Ohio jobs (how is that calculated anyway?).

But, my God, the dramatics. This is my entire problem with Hillary. It's all so staged. The "spontaneous" copycat chant. The cough and drink of water. The forced analogy. The strained attempts to connect with the audience. There's not a single moment of authenticity. She reached Leno-esque levels of artificiality. All she needs is Kevin Eubanks to make stupid guitar noises when she cracks a lame joke.