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Today in Sweet Sweet Punditry

542389855_811a187e7b.jpgFrom Rebecca Schoenkopf, over on the Los Angeles CityBeat:

As an actual feminist, I have the great good joy of getting to determine what is and isn’t sexist. Sexist: Asking whether Sarah Palin shouldn’t be staying home with her baby and her other children. (And yes, I’ve heard you asking just that.) Not sexist: Pointing out that Sarah Palin is an utter twit.

I guess I’m 1 for 2, then.

And, in my efforts to continue discrediting her better-than-I’d-like speech last night, here’s Ben Stein, right-wing nut job and fellow creationist, on Palin:

Choice quote: “It’s back to what you call fundamentalist, born-again, backwoods values of the United States of America.

(H/T Wonkette)

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Didn't Joe Biden's wife and daughter die after he was elected to the Senate? Didn't he have 2 seriously injured boys he should have been taking care of?