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Those Pro-Lifers are Serious …

prolife_2.jpgSo get this: An Idaho Strawberry farmer was so adamant about his pro-life beliefs that he changed his middle name to “Pro-Life” and ran as a Senate candidate back in 2006. However, because Idaho laws prohibit the use of slogans in the voting booth, Marvin Pro-Life Richardson was denied the use of his middle name on the ballot.

Easy peasy: He just changed his full legal name to Pro-Life. Now, the Secretary of State apparently has no choice but to allow his name on the ballot. And Pro-Life claims that he has every intention of running for office every two years, “advocating murder charges for doctors who perform abortions and for women who obtain the procedure.”

He’ll be running against Senator Larry Craig this year, who may officially change his name to: Disgraced Gay Senator.

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Man, now they're just getting ridiculous. All these pro-life guys have the biggest horse blinders on if they honestly think that a parent that doesnt want to have a child is really going to take care of it. It's a sad fact, but its true. It's a great dream to have that everyone everywhere will have children and love them no matter what, but the cold hard truth is that all that'll happen if he gets elected and passes his laws is that they're going to see a rapid increase of abandoned children and "backalley" abortions. Our already crowded prisons will become more stuffed with parents arrested for neglect or "murder". Passing legislation like that won't help anyone or anything... except maybe their own shortsighted agendas.

this POS should mind his own damn business...he dosent even have the right parts.

oh it's so much better to just have the baby and kill it when it's older. Like Nixzmary Brown. Oh she was waaaay better off being tortured and killed before hitting puberty than being scraped out of her crackhead mother's womb. Three cheers for pro-lifers, the true defenders of child abuse.