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Those Aren’t Disguises, They’re Accessories!

thongcrooks.jpgDo you spend much of your day pining away, trying to recall the scent of your girlfriend’s thong underwear? Well, two men in Colorado managed to find a way to combine their fondness for their girlfriends and a stick-up!

Police are looking for two crooks who tried to disguise their identities by covering their faces with women’s thong underwear during a robbery of an Arvada Diamond Shamrock gas station.
They wore thin, brightly colored, triangular-shaped underwear over their faces and demanded cash from the female clerk. They fled the scene with an undisclosed amount of money and cigarettes. They were not armed during the robbery.

It’s a good thing their girlfriends weren’t big girls, otherwise they’d probably not be able to see through the granny panties.

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Duh, I do that all the time with my girlfriend's panties. It makes me look like a charactre from a 1st person shooter videogame. Wicked.