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This Sarah Palin Mash-Up Was Clearly Inevitable

The funny thing is, it’s not that far off from what Palin actually said. Here’s the actual video:

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So what specifically makes her prepared to represent the U.S. in foreign relations? That she is confident and feels ready? I'm confident and feel that ready to be a good brain surgeon, but that means nothing considering I've had no medical training whatsoever.

The first woman on a major presidential ticket in over 20 years and this what we get? Is someone playing a joke on us or are we the joke?

"the candidate here who chose me as his running mate" ??? Are you kidding me? She really does think it's Palin/McCain doesn't she? How many people think John McCain will have a "hunting accident" if he's elected?

We could never tell how Obama would face ridicule, since the media has expressly outlawed it.
Who gives a shit about what the vice-presidential candidate thinks?
The only reason why every liberal douche bag is up in arms over her, is because Hillary wasn't nominated.

Read the fucking constitution you nutroots the qualifications for both President and V.P. are enumerated there. Obama is a prime example of someone unqualified to be president other than meeting the basic qualifications.

Oh, here we go again...

I am going to assume that both of the previous comments were posted by monkeys...and if you look at it that way, they are actually quite impressive.

Well done, my simian friends!

I am disappointed in women who buy in to Sarah Palin's facade. I will give it to her that she is an excellent show boat. Just don't take it at face value and not research any deeper in to her beliefs! ?Stop being cattle! This selection for VP is definitely a ploy to win women voters who are sitting on the fence, and the religious right. Shame on you ladies! Stop being Stepford Wives!

I completely agree Suzanne.

I, as women, find her disgusting. I have 3 daughters and the fact that for even one second they are told to feel inspired by this women is horrifying.

I know not everyone is a fan of Hilary Clinton, but she at least was inspiring to women. She was strong as hell and intelligent. Not relying on stupid euphemisms, hockey mom/ bulldog jokes, or the fact that she's attractive.

I live in fear of the fact that McCain and Palin might be in office. McCain is seconds away from dying and then we'd be left with Palin as FUCKING PRESIDENT. Hell no... That is truly terrifying.