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This lawsuit stinks

perfume.jpgA federal judge has given the thumbs up to a civil suit brought by a Detroit city employee. Susan McBride, who works in the city’s Planning Department, recently filed a lawsuit under the Americans with Disabilities Act against the city, claiming that a co-worker’s perfume and cosmetics have made it difficult for her to breathe. And while the city tried to have the case dismissed, Judge Lawrence Zatkoff ruled that McBride has a potential ADA claim and is letting the case move forward.

This really sucks. I used to work at this place where I had a co-worker who wore so much perfume, you’d think she was trying to raise the fucking dead (I wonder if anyone’s ever named a perfume “Zombie Riser?”). One sniff of that shit, and a jury would’ve given me the kind of damages award I could retire on. Damn it.