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This is the longest semester of my life

kiefer.jpgATL’s David Lat is absolutely correct - next spring, Georgetown Law is featuring the best law school course. The class?

The law of ‘24.’

Taught by a Naval Academy grad who used to work for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the course studies the “domestic and international legal issues concerning counterterrorism in the context of the utilitarian and sometimes desperate responses to terrorism raised by the plot of 24.” That’s just friggin’ fantastic. If we had that course at my school during those formative law school years, I might’ve actually attended class on a slightly more regular basis. If not because it sounds like a damn interesting course, then because I would probably be too scared of the prof coming after me for my tardies.

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Week 1: The Glock - 15 instant warrants, plus once in the chamber.

Week 2: The waterboard is not your friend.

Week 3: Congrats. If you survives this long, you now pass.

One nice thing about being script writers, producers and directors ... they're not too constrained by the Constitution.

Unfortunately, neither is this [mis]administration !