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This is the biggest bunch of bullshit ever

bacon-wrapped-hot-dog.jpgIn LA, it’s currently illegal for cabs to stop and pick folks up in places other than designated areas, cab stands and loading areas and the like. It’s ridiculous — when I left court last week, I had to walk five blocks to get a friggin cab, instead of being able to hail one of the dozen empty cabs that zoomed past me during that time (serves me right for not just driving, like every other Angelino). But whatever with that.

The real travesty in my city is that bacon-wrapped hot dogs are illegal. Food carts and trucks aren’t allowed to sell meat other than hot dogs (which we all know aren’t really meat), and even then, they can only boil or steam the dogs. No grilling. And you have to grill to make bacon-wrapped hot dogs.

This is ridiculous. Now, I’ve never had a bacon-wrapped hot dog, but I want to live in a world where I know I can go to a food cart and get one if I’m so inclined, damn it. More importantly, in college, I fucking lived on the wondrous food trucks on campus. Cheese steaks, Indian, Chinese, burgers — honest to Jeebus, it was some of the best food in the city. Was it dirty and unclean? Probably. But when shit’s that good, who cares? So I’m imploring you, Los Angeles, lighten the fuck up and let the food trucks bring the grills and meat!

(Hat tip to Overlawyered)

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Tijuana hot dogs are the best!

Tip: They have Tijuana hot dog stands all over the fashion district.

It has never occurred to me until now that I might want to eat a hot dog wrapped in bacon. I am rather dissapointed in my self.