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This is how Jack Thompson deals with it…

jack-thompson.jpg…By being an obstinate pain in the ass.

Over at the Legal Profession Blog, Alan Childress has gotten into a bit of a tussle with Jack Thompson. Thompson is a Florida attorney who has spent years fighting against obscenity and rap music and things that harm the children. He thinks of the children! Recently, his fight has been against violent video games, blaming them for all the ills befalling our young society. He’s also gotten into a bit of trouble with the Florida state bar, and he may be facing disbarment, cause he’s a classy guy (Dustin actually posted about him back in December - he’s the asshat who included some gay porn pics in a court filing).

Anyway, over at the Legal Profession Blog, Childress put up a Christmas-day post linking to another article about Thompson and suggesting that he might not “always do himself a service when he pleads his own case to the public.” Thompson didn’t take too kindly to the post and put up a little comment of his own, arguing that he’s just doing what the public wants. Which, to some extent, he’s right about. But Childress put up a follow-up post yesterday, taking it to Thompson and explaining why he’s really not helping himself any.

Particularly in his filing with the Florida Supreme Court, where Thompson seriously compared the state bar organization to Nazis. And Thompson then posted another comment, ignoring most of the things he as being taken to task on, and just concluding that:

I’m not going to be disbarred. Deal with it.

If and when Thompson is disbarred, I wonder if he’ll quietly “deal with it.” I’m guessing not.

(Oh, and while you’re over at the ABA website voting for QuizLaw, make sure to stop by the Lawyers Behaving Badly category and give the Legal Profession Blog some love.)

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I can't seem to vote for your site more than once at the blawg award site. I'm a NJ native. This feels.....Unatural!

I just had Prof. Childress for evidence last semester, so this post is both odd and amusing to me. He's a feisty little guy.

There also an interesting exchange between Jack Thompson and Prof. Froomkin (linked in Prof. Childress' blog-post) which ends in Thompson implying that he's going to contact the university where Froomkin lectures to inquire into their libel-liability insurance. Which is a typical and oft-employed silencing tatic of Thompson.