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Third time’s the charm!

flat-tire.jpgErnesto Ponce, an Oregon man, really ended 2007 with some bum luck. On the Friday between Christmas and New Years he decided to get himself a late Christmas gift by stealing a pickup truck from a Chevrolet lot. But dumb luck if he didn’t blow a damn tire. So the 19-year-old pulled the truck over and hopped out.

Lucky for him, there was a Subaru in a nearby driveway which was ripe for the stealing, so off he zoomed once again. But 15 minutes later, dumb luck struck a second time, this time in the form of an engine which got so overheated that it caught fire!

A local good samaritan, Jeff Herbert, saw the burning Subura and pulled over to help Ernesto. Ernesto repaid Herbert, who came running over with a fire extinguisher, by stealing Herbert’s pickup truck!

Third time wasn’t the charm however, as the cops were onto Ernesto’s spree by this point. So they had manged to set up some spike strips which Ernesto had the dumb luck of driving over, leading to punctured tires and a bad case of truck-in-ditch-itis.

Here’s to a better 2008 Ernesto!