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Think of the pure little children and their fragile little minds, won’t you please?

sex-ed.jpgFuck you, parents in Herriman, Missouri. Not all the parents in Herriman, but a long and hard fuck you to those who are riled up about a health teacher answering their your own kids’ questions about sex — so riled up that you’ve got a state representative filing a bill that would allow a teacher to be criminally prosecuted for deviating from state sex education standards.

At Fort Herriman Middle School, a seventh- and eighth-grade health teacher is being investigated for answering questions posed by the students about oral sex, masturbation and homosexual sex. That’s all a violation of state law, “which requires that [sex ed] focus on physical and emotional development of adolescents, healthy relationships and the threat and prevention of diseases” and “prohibits promoting or encouraging sexual behavior.”

To be fair, the law’s the law (albeit a fucking conservative, nanny-state stupid law), and the teacher broke it. Currently, that means the teacher can be administratively punished, and that to be enough of a punishment to me. The thought of criminal punishment for this, though? Ridiculous. And as for the parents who are all fired up and pissed off. I dunno, maybe they should spend a little less time going after teachers who deign to answer their kids’ questions and fucking talk to the kids themselves. Although I fear what answers the repressed parents might give the kids. “Gay sex bad. Oral sex bad. Masturbation bad! …Go wash your mouth out.”

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I have no problem with parents wanting to be the ones to educate their kids about sexuality and STD's. But if they demand that right, they need to exercise that right. Just this year, I met a girl in college that believed that if she jumped up and down after sex, she could not become pregnant. This girl obviously did not learn this from her parents but since she had never had access to any real information, she basically hobbled together the shit she heard from her fellow students at her a crazy, christian survivalist private high school. It wasn't until her freshman year that she learned that simply touching a condom doesn't cause AIDS. Why people...why do you want your children ignorant of the world...