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They talk so funny over there

british-lawyer.jpgGeekLawyer’s got an amusing story about a criminal defendant’s attempt to make it for Andy Dufrane’s Zihuatanejo, but what makes the story really great is the silly British stuff going on in the story’s periphery:

The Sun reports that a trial in Reading descended into anarchy when the defendant, a pikey accused of a shooting, leapt from the dock and made a successful dash for freedom. In the process he bit a cop’s nose. He seems to have been helped by a friends who were waiting.
The funny bit that caught Geeklawyer’s eye was that the prosecuting barrister Ian Hope tried to be a hero. He threw off his wig and gown and gave chase. It could have ended so well but one of McInerney’s accomplices tripped him up as he ran.
Mr Hope will now be rueing the fact that he didn’t prepare well enough for his case.
Police are stopping all pony and traps in the area.

Pikey, the dock, thrown off wigs … I love the Brits.