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There’s no place like home

phillyPD.jpgYou know, sometimes I really miss Philly. Sure, it’s dirty and grimy. Yes, some of the denizens are less than stellar human beings. But that all gives the place character. You know what else gives a city character? Crippling crime. Which is why I’m not missing Philly so much right now.

There was just a Mayoral election so, next January, Michael Nutter steps into the shoes of current lame-duck Mayor Street. And Nutter has promised that one of the things he will do on his first day in office is declare a crime emergency. His likely police commissioner agrees with this plan, because things have gotten so disturbingly out of control.

I don’t think Philly has a lot of money in its budget, but if I might make a recommendation? The first thing incoming-Mayor Nutter should purchase:


Seriously, nobody’s better equipped for cleaning a city of crime than Batman, right? Hell, even the Adam West incarnation could probably help somewhat.

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I would totally vote to fund a Batman.