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There’s hope for the future of our nation

fe3c0545-6210-4379-8c12-caff8b3c59b1.hmedium.jpgThe future rests in the hands of the children, right? Well then, as this entry’s title suggests, maybe all isn’t lost with the MySpace Generation. On Monday, a bunch of high school seniors visited the White House as part of their recognition for being in the Presidential Scholars Program. During the ceremony, a young lady presented Bush, to his surprise, with a handwritten letter signed by 50 of the visiting students. That letter urged the administration to but the kibosh on its continuing “violations of the human rights” of various terror suspects being held in places like Gitmo, and also asked that Bush and his cohorts respect the Geneva Convention.

Bush’s lackey deputy press secretary Dana Perino (who I must admit having a slight crush on even though, or perhaps in some way twisted because, she speaks the increasingly ridiculous lies that all of Bush’s spokespeople speak) … anyway, Perino said that Bush enjoyed his visit, and even read the letter, after which he assured the kids that our government totally doesn’t torture folks and totally values human rights. Okely dokely Dana.

But good on you, Presidential Scholars, good on you.

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Don't you see? That is why they hired Perino! I also know the illicit feelings of lust mingling with the infuriating hatred stemming from their complete disregard for common sense, let alone the law. That woman is a temptress, a siren beckoning you to slam yourself against the rock wall surrounding the White House.

That said, she IS pretty hot.

I know, I'm pathetic, reading backlogs of QuizLaw at work ...

I just finished my freshman year in college, and I had a friend in high school who was a presidential scholar. After this incident, he was furious at those kids for "taking the opportunity to meet the president away from future presidential scholars." I pointed out that their desire to make a difference was perhaps more admirable than a desire not to make waves in order to get ahead in the world, and he brushed me off. Apparently if you're a high school kid and you get to meet the president, you should shut up and be grateful he's condescending to meet with you - even if he's an idiot wreaking havoc on our Constitution and our country.

I knew at that moment that my respect for that friend would never recover.