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The writing’s on the wall…

Bathroom_Wall.jpgKimberly Hunt, that skank, just made twenty grand. Wanna know how? She complained to “the man” that the perfectly harmless jokes scrawled on the wall of the men’s room were “offensive”. And the Australian Tribunal, those cocks, agreed, ruling that it was “sexual harassment.”

Waaa waaa, Hunt.

You wanna know what’s offensive? Not going to happy hour with me. What’s the harm? We have some drinks, eat some hot wings, and maybe make some bad decisions. Everyone’s a winner. But noooo, somebody leaves a copy of June’s issue of Ass Blasters on somebody’s desk and all of a sudden HR’s getting involved and it’s a big ol’ mess. Maybe they harassed my sexuality, did anyone every think of that? A guy’s got needs, people.

I’m just sayin’.

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congrats, douche. you managed to make no appreciable addition to the litany of played out "those bitches need to shut up about sexual harassment" jokes and simultaneously alienate a chunk of your readership. keep up the mediocre work.

I'd have to second timaree's comment...this was pretty low-brow. Nothing at all would have been much better to say; this was pointless in the least, stupid sexism at the most.

I'm a chick and I get the sarcasm. Yeah, it's not super funny, but a dude's gotta try, I suppose. Since I've read his posts here and at Pajiba, I don't think he meant any harm. However, he did make me think of Tremors 3, when they called the creatures Ass Blasters, and that, sir, is unacceptable.