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The Unintentional Consequence of Juno’s Popularity

the-juno-movie-poster_292x410.jpgHave you heard about this story in Gloucester, Massachusetts. At the high school there, their pregnancy rate unexpectedly quadrupled this year, and a good number of the pregnant girls were under 15. School officials, however, have just now figured out why. Apparently, at least half the 17 knocked up girls had decided — in part because of the popularity of Juno and Knocked Up — to intentionally get pregnant. Indeed, they’d all made a pact to raise their children together. In fact, several girls have come in asking for pregnancy tests and were disappointed to learn that they were not with child.

How messed up is that?

Worse still: Some of the men involved were in their mid-20s, and statutory rape charges are being considered.

Let the countdown until Diablo Cody is sued begin. Meanwhile, does Gloucester have a Pennysaver?

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It had nothing to do with the movies, never was it reported that the movies had an impact on their choice. Local radio programs mentioned that maybe it did, but in response to that, in Juno, she did not want the baby, and in Knocked Up, she was a 24 year old grown woman.

i didn't see juno, but I hated HATED "knocked up."
"oh, have unprotected sex with a stranger. maybe you won't get AIDS, but you'll get pregnant. just keep the baby, you'll fall in love and it will be funny and romantic!" wtf kind of pro-life propaganda film was that?? not that i think you can blame one film for teenagers getting pregnant, that's a much bigger societal problem. i just needed to vent. stupid catherine heigl.