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The Ugly Side of Humanity

22183965.jpgYou know those “Take Your Child to Office” Days that are so popular in the American workforce (or, at least, in American workforce sitcoms)? Yeah — it’s probably not a good idea to bring your kids to work with you when you’re a prostitute. I mean, I completely appreciate that Wendy Knowlton Cook was trying to save money by foregoing daycare, but multitasking is probably not the best idea when the two tasks you are engaged in are babysitting and giving two men a hummer in the front seat of the car while your five-year-old daughter and two-month-old son are in the backseat.

Oh, you probably oughtn’t snort lines of cocaine off your son while you’re breastfeeding him, either. That’s just tacky.

But, of course, the advantage to bringing your children to work while you’re whoring yourself out to strangers for cash is that, should an opportunity arise to sell your children to one of your clients in exchange for drug money, the children are close by, so — you know — you don’t have to run home and get them before your customer gets cold feet.

Fortunately, the prostitute — whose own father is one of the owners of the race horse Funny Cide — was picked up by the cops and taken away from her children. As the judge overseeing her case said, “I have never come across such an atrocity in my life and that’s saying a lot. Congratulations.”

Congratulations, indeed. It takes quite a gal to be able to balance her child in such a way as to nurse him while simultaneously snorting blow off his back.