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The latest recipient of QuizLaw’s unfortunate “Mother of the Year” award

motherYear.jpgAnd the award goes to the lengthily-named Kellen Deon Murray Auguste, of … Florida. The 37-year-old mother earned her award after her 10-year-old boy was found meandering about the neighborhood last Saturday. The disheveled and dirty boy was knocking on neighbors doors and asking for food. And why was he asking for food?

Because he was … remember, he’s tenthirty-five pounds. Thirty-five mother f’ing pounds. If you’ll excuse my crass turn of phrase, I’ve taken dumps heavier than that. A healthy ten-year-old should weigh well over 70 pounds. Needless to say, when the cops showed up they determined that the boy was malnourished and dehydrated.

Mother Auguste claims that the boy “had been living in Haiti with his father, who dropped him off at her house in that condition about four weeks earlier.” And she also claims that he hasn’t been able to keep down any food she’s tried to give him over the last month. Of course, it might have been hard for her to give him any food considering the cops found no food in her house - the refrigerator, freezer and pantry were all barren. Needless to say, she’s now been arrested and charged with child neglect. The poor boy was taken to the hospital and he, along with six other minors in Auguste’s care (who, luckily, did not appear to be similarly malnourished), have fallen into the state’s custody.