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The internet just makes it easier for cops to track stupid vandals

banksy-soldier.jpgMelanie Brockway, a suburban woman of my hometown Philly, was recently busted for vandalism after tagging a ton of local properties. The woman, who apparently calls herself an aspiring artist, “spray painted graffiti on homes, businesses, newspaper boxes, playground equipment and other property.” And on some of these, she included the phrase “Devient Art.” When the cops searched the internet for this term, it eventually led them to a MySpace page using that as the username. They tracked the page back to Brockway, and when they searched her home and found spray paint, she fessed up to the tagging.

Since it obviously does not go without saying, to all you other aspiring artists out there - don’t use your internet handles as part of your graffiti. It may be good business in the short run, free advertising and all that, but it’s just not going to work out well long term.