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The Feds hate independent businessmen

sheriff-badge.jpgDown in Georgia, Winston Peterson was just trying to make an honest living. His wife ran a business of her own and he thought, “entrepreneur — why that’s something I could do!” So Peterson became a landlord.

Which would be well-and-good if not for the fact that Peterson was the local Sheriff and the tenants he was charging rent to were all the local inmates. Back in 2000, he started charging prisoners $18 a day for room and board, and between 2000 and 2004, he collected over twenty-seven grand. Worse yet, Peterson actually forced at least one inmate to go do slave labor at his wife’s business.

Peterson has now been indicted for perjury, obstruction of justice, using force labor, and extortion. The obstruction charge comes from the fact that he allegedly alerted “an unindicted co-conspirator about the identify of an FBI informant he believed was part of a criminal investigation into courthouse activities.”

I’m telling you, with the Feds getting so nitpicky these days, how the hell does our government except any of us to earn a good living? Crickey.