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The economy is fixed!!!

bcs.jpgI mean it must be if Congress has time to focus on legislation aimed at ending the BCS in favor of a college football playoff The bill is being sponsored by a Texas Congressman, representative Joe Barton, and co-sponsored by another Texan and an Illinoisian (what the hell do you refer to those from Illinois as? Illinian?). It would ban the promotion of any football game as a “national championship” unless that game is the final game of a playoff system, and violations of the bill would be treated as unfair or deceptive business.

Look, I hate the BCS system as much as the next guy. But is this really the best use of Congressional time and resources? I mean, those fuckers still haven’t given me my bailout yet, you know? Let’s get Seth some money and then focus on college football. Much thanks.

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"what the hell do you refer to those from Illinois as?"

We accept "Lord and Master", "Bad Ass Motherfuckers" and "Rulers of the Midwest".


trust me if it is not that it should be.

what the hell do you refer to those from Illinois as?
Depends on where you're from.

If you're from Wisconsin (aka "North of the Cheddar Curtain"), the demonym is either "FIB," or "Flatlander."

If you're from anywhere else, Illinoisan is the proper demonym.

I object to that logo. There's no reason to hate on USC this year! We have enough self-hate for losing to Oregon State.

Also, I thought Obama was going to work on getting a college football playoff system.

I'm going with Nick on this one. I mean, just ask our Gov.

What the hell do you refer to those from Illinois as? Illinian?

Felon. But according to wikipedia, Illinoisian. But, a client out our office expressed a preference for Illisian [like Elysian].

Good lord, Illinois, do you want us to pronounce the "S" or not?? Make up your mind!

Three Elle,

A much more contentious debate is whether it's pronounced "ILL-annoy" or as is proper (at least according to me and the rest of the cool kids down on the South Side) "EL-annoy". No one in their right mind pronounces the "s". Well, maybe Da Coach, but he's clearly not in his right mind.

Which, actually gives me a good idea who they should appoint Senator.

I know you don't pronounce the "s" in Illinois, but I assume you do in Illinoisian. I, for one, prefer consistency.