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The Drugs in Pennsylvania are Awesome!

Article_naked%20accident.jpgHow else can you explain this:

Witnesses driving on the West Shore Bypass, or Route 422, saw the driver of the minivan climb out the driver’s side window and onto the roof. The vehicle swerved and crashed into a concrete median.
The impact sent the vehicle back across the westbound lanes, and the man was thrown down a wooded embankment. Witnesses told police they thought the victim had been killed.
“They were shocked when he got back onto the road,” Brown said, adding that the man had a foot-long gash in one side and his internal organs were exposed.

But that’s not all!

After the man with exposed organs was thrown from his van, he stripped naked, then ran around in the freeway. Police who responded to the scene Tased him three times and used pepper-spray to subdue him. Not even that worked. Police had to gang tackle the poor bastard, who is now in critical condition at an area hospital in Reading, PA.

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He's probably on PCP, the drug makes people very crazy and extra strong.

You know those thrillers or horror movies or Sci-Fi flicks, when the hero battles whatever alien/demon/mutant/monster/evil force in the third act, resulting in a breakdown of logical, civil behaviour, and leaving a trail of mayem in city streets that is bound to astound and alarm witnesses and authorities?

This is one of those incidents.

I work in Reading, and see a lot of drug users, and PCP is NOT common around here...but certainly could be. According to today's paper, he's been released from the hospital, and "toxicology tests are still pending."

By the way, that picture was snapped by an alert driver using his cell phone cam.