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The DOJ and Google sitting in a tree…

google.jpgIt seems that the DOJ may be setting its sites on Google, which makes me happy as a pig in shit. While Google was a force of Internet Good for some time, it’s let its power go to its head in recent years as it’s taken over the world of online advertising. And the DOJ has apparently noticed, as the Feds have gone and hired Walt Disney’s former general counsel for a possible attack on Google. More relevant than his Disney ties are the fact that, in the 70’s, he was an Assistant Attorney General and ran the DOJ’s Antitrust Division.

Seems that the DOJ has its pants in a bunch over Google’s advertising deal with Yahoo, and:

For weeks, U.S. lawyers have been deposing witnesses and issuing subpoenas for documents to support a challenge to the deal, lawyers close to the review said. Such efforts don’t always mean a case will be brought, however.
It isn’t clear whether a U.S. challenge would target the Google-Yahoo deal alone or take on broader aspects of Google’s conduct in the growing online-advertising business.

I’ve been saying for a while now that Google was going to find itself in trouble one day with some of the shenanigans it pulls with its advertising regime. Could it’s day of reckoning soon be at hand?

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Is the phrase "setting its sites" intended to be a pun? Coz otherwise I think it should be "sights".