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The Daily Memo - 8/28/07

check.jpgGot questions for the Democratic presidential candidates? (Slate)

check.jpgA Washington prosecutor “is facing allegations that that he did not properly disclose past sexual relationships with the mother of a victim in one case and the mother of a defendant in another.” (MyPlainView.com)

check.jpgA Scotsman was perfectly happy to go to jail when a Stockholm restaurant called the cops on him after he refused to pay a $20,000 tab. (The Local)

check.jpg“Photographer sues church for slip on water.” No word on whether it was holy water, but if it was, seems to me like God’s plan trumps any claim for damages. (Madison County Record)

check.jpgIf you’re committing crime and you don’t want to be easily identified, maybe you shouldn’t have face tattoos! (SunJournal.com)

check.jpgIn re Blawg Review. (Texas Appellate Law Blog)

check.jpgMedicare is going to stop paying for preventable incidents (“hospital-acquired complications”) like things being left in a patient after surgery (where non-coverage seems to make sense) and infections that come after heart surgery (where I’m a bit more perplexed). (Guardian Unlimited)

check.jpgAllen Iverson’s step-pappy has been indicted on federal drug charges thanks to some crack he had in his car last April. (SI)

check.jpgPulp Law Review tells the truth about its law review submission policy. (Concurring Opinions, via WT&E Prof Blog)