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The Daily Memo - 6/23/08

check.jpgCould Bob Barr play Nader-spoiler to the GOP this fall? ()

check.jpgGoogle’s increased presence and import has given rise to new legal problems. (Concurring Opinions)

check.jpgWay to go Congress! (Politico)

check.jpgHearst has filed a lawsuit to stop the planned Cosmopolitan Resort Casino in Vegas from using “Cosmopolitan” and getting trade mark rights, because Hearst has that “Cosmo” magazine and the word should therefore apparently never be used by anyone else ever again. (The Trademark Blog)

check.jpgIs there a pro-McCain media bias? (The Huffington Post)

check.jpgNorthwestern University is rolling out a two-year path to getting a JD. (Above the Law)