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The Daily Memo - 4/3/08

check.jpgHee. Pole tax. (Above the Law)

check.jpgBilly Richardson speaks out on his Barack endorsement and says his endorsement is out of loyalty to his country, so shut up Hillary people. (Washington Post)

check.jpgSenator Debbie Stabenow’s (D-MI) husband has admitted to paying $150 for some hooker sex in a hotel and, considering what Spitzer paid for his lady friend, I’m guessing this gal wasn’t a looker. (FindLaw)

check.jpgSome IP lawyers are pretty happy right now as a federal court has told the PTO to take its new patent rules and shove ‘em. (Law.com)

check.jpgUgh. A Western PA woman is being charged with endangering her kids because they got the lice. (LawInfo)

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I, of course, called Sen. Clinton prior to my endorsement of Sen. Obama. It was a difficult and heated discussion, the details of which I will not share here.

He mentioned this discussion in his endorsement, too, and I wish he weren't too much a gentleman to tell us just how angry she was. I'd LOVE to have heard that call...