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The Daily Memo - 4/27/06

homeland.jpgNew York City has been sued on the basis that its anti-graffiti law violates the First Amendment. (News.com.au)

homeland.jpgOklahoma’s Senate has approved a violent-games bill which makes it a crime for anyone to sell a “violent” video game to children. (Slashdot)

homeland.jpgMarlon Brando’s son may face contempt charges stemming from his testimony in Robert Blake’s trial. (CNN)

homeland.jpgA new bill would require satellite radio companies to pay the music industry new fees. (CopyBites)

homeland.jpgThe Ninth Circuit has ruled that student speech in grade school is not protected by the First Amendment, expanding the Supreme Court’s ruling on this issue. (The Volokh Conspiracy via Likelihood of Confusion)

homeland.jpgThe Second Circuit has ruled that, in calculating statutory damages in a copyright infringement case, unauthorized compilations which infringe multiple copyrights should not be deemed one work. (CopyBites and The Patry Copyright Blog)