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The Daily Memo - 4/16/08

check.jpgThe Third Circuit has lowered the MOVE fire verdict again (which stems from when my wonderful city of Philly bombed itself back in ‘85). (Law.com)

check.jpgObama says if he becomes President he’ll immediately ask his AG to look into whether the Bush Administration committed any crimes. …Then he’ll ask his Chief Science Adviser if the sky is blue. (The Huffington Post)

check.jpgFrance is considering a law that would make it illegal to promote or incite “extreme thinness.” Asshole-ish snobbery still ok, though.(FindLaw)

check.jpgThe owner of Starbucks is planning to sue the Sonics to keep them in Seattle. (WSJ Law Blog)

check.jpgJack Shafer says that “we don’t need no stinkin’ shield law.” (Slate)

check.jpgJesus — foreclosures went up 57% in the last year. (Reuters)

check.jpgOn Tax Day, the Supremes issued two tax rulings. (SOTUSblog)