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The Daily Memo - 4/10/07

check.jpgA federal judge has ruled that the 79 lawyers in a class action lawsuit are not permitted to tell anyone, including their clients, how they split the $6.8 million in legal fees which they took from the case. (Overlawyered)

check.jpgHoward K. Stern just won’t go away - he’s now contemplating litigation against media outlets which allegedly said he was involved in the death of Anna Nicole and her son. (CNN)

check.jpgA nurse has been arrested for setting fire to her office building, a fire she started because she wasn’t ready to turn in an assignment that was due. (KLBJ)

check.jpgThere’s a lawsuit over the Ghost Rider movie, and whatever comes out of this has to be more entertaining than the movie itself, right? (The Hollywood Reporter, Esq.)

check.jpgThe LA Unified School District has lost a lawsuit, to the tune of $7.6 million, over an epileptic boy who had a seizure on the playground and ended up receiving an inadequate response. (FindLaw)

check.jpgThe Minnesota Supreme Court has ruled Minneapolis’ red light traffic cameras illegal under state law. (Ma href=”http://www.thenewspaper.com/news/16/1688.asp”>TheNewspaper.com)

check.jpgA Florida woman has been arrested for prostitution and racketeering for running shady shenanigans out of her massage parlor. (Local6)