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The Daily Memo 3/4/06

homeland.jpgA judge has ordered that a Florida woman is not to have anymore sex (because she is accused with killing her own child, and the court wants to avoid any further unwanted pregnancies). (WESH)

homeland.jpgTGI Friday’s is being sued by a Maryland teenager who snuck into the restaurant, proceeded to drink beer and liquor purchased for her by others, then proceeded to get drunk, then proceeded to the parking lot, where she then proceeded to pass out and fall on her face, resulting in shattered teeth, lips and gums. (WTOP)

homeland.jpgCameron Diaz has won her lawsuit against a photographer who was trying to sell nekkid pictures of her from back in the day. (Zap2It)

homeland.jpgThe Senate Judiciary Committee has endorsed legislation permitting the televising of federal court proceedings and requiring the televising of Supreme Court proceedings. (Law.com)