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The Daily Memo - 2/28/08

check.jpg“Why the cops who shot Sean Bell aren’t getting judged by their peers.” (Slate)

check.jpgOk, look, I know The Signal is a scary movie and all, but that’s no reason to go and stab some folks. (LAist)

check.jpgMan, I’ll tell ya - that OJ Simpson, he just never gets a break from the judicial system. (FindLaw)

check.jpgVerbal contracts, schmerbal contracts. (May It Please the Court)

check.jpgDeal … or no deal? “Uhm, is class-action lawsuit an option?” (Nota Bene)

check.jpgJudges citing “South Park?” Yeah, that’s mmmmmmkay with me. (Supreme Dicta)

check.jpgIf anyone needs me, I’ll be in the corner weeping over the poor partners and their lower profits-per-partner because they’re paying us associates more money. (WSJ Law Blog)

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Stabbing horror movies audiences? That's the worst viral marketing idea I've ever heard.