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The Daily Memo - 2/26/08

check.jpgDo Californians want to get high? (The Chronic Corner)

check.jpgMmmm … sexual corruption scandal in Australia. (Independent.co.uk)

check.jpgProstitutes of the world Canada, unite! (stuff.co.nz)

check.jpgA Cali state Senator representing parts of LA and surrounding areas has submitted a bill seeking to protect various factions of the entertainment industry because, well, Cali loves it some Hollywood. (LAist)

check.jpgYou know what? Even if the guy wasn’t actually mentally ill, doesn’t he deserve credit for smearing shit on his face and slicing his wrists in the courtroom anyway? (SPTimes)

check.jpgGuys showing up to their DUI hearings drunk is old hat. But showing up plastered? That’s fantastic. (Jacksonville Journal-Courier)

check.jpgA dude got busted for running a major marijuana grow house when a clerk noticed that the cash he used to pay his taxes stunk of skunk. (KGW)