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The Daily Memo - 10/24/07

check.jpgGood riddance - the asshat judge who sued the dry cleaners for $54 million over his lost pants has not been reappointed to the bench. (Express)

check.jpgSeven Red Sox fans have been given homework by a judge over their disorderly conduct - they have to “write a five-page essay explaining what they have learned from” being arrested after the end of the ALCS. (ESPN)

check.jpgMore law firms are cutting or changing their billable hours requirements for first year associates. (Concurring Opinions)

check.jpgIt doesn’t really mean anything but, nevertheless, good ol’ BU School of Law is number 4 in the Princeton Review rankings. (TaxProf Blog via Likelihood of Confusion)

check.jpgChuck Norris doesn’t endorse candidates - candidates endorse Chuck Norris. (Supreme Dicta)

check.jpgAmazon has been granted a patent for the use of a search string in a website URL. (Download Squad)

check.jpgA man who wrongfuly spent 18 years in jail for a rape he didn’t commit has been awarded $360,000 from the state, but now he’s gotta deal with a lawsuit from his baby momma for back child support. (WRAL)

check.jpgThe Sixth Circuit has ruled unconstitutional the federal requirements that porn sites verify the age of the guys and gals in the porn photos. (How Appealing)