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The Daily Memo - 9/18/08

check.jpgWill the hacking of Sarah Palin’s e-mail account lead to a new e-mail privacy act? (Concurring Opinions)

check.jpgWould McCain lie about his position on the economy? (ABC News Blogs)

check.jpgCould there be voter fraud afoot in Michigan? (Law.com)

check.jpgWould someone really try to make money off of being robbed by OJ Simpson? (LawInfo)

check.jpgIs eBay a portal to jurisdiction? (Likelihood of Confusion)

check.jpgRIP Prof. Whitebread. A quick comment from a reader after the jump….

Reader three elle wrote in to mention the passing of Professor Whitebread. I remember his Bar/Bri video back when I was studying for the bar, and it was one of the few that were actually enjoyable. Anyway, seems that the Professor was a rare law prof, as three elle noted:

As proof of what a great professor he was at USC, I voluntarily registered for, and attended, his 8am Crim Pro classes as a 3L! Not only that, but the news was posted on ATL, and after 150 comments, there isn’t a single bad one about him, which is quite feat, considering ATL’s usual commenting crowd ;)

So there you go.