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The Breastmilk Joke Would Be Way Too Easy Wouldn’t It?

isp_coffeelove-copy.jpgLook. A Maine story. A Maine story about topless women. I live in Maine! Maine is cold. Topless women in Maine can cut glass. And poke your eye out!

A topless coffee shop that raised the ire of many residents of a small central Maine town is open for business.
The Grand View Topless Coffee Shop, located at the site of the former Grand View Motel, opened its doors Monday on busy Route 3 in Vassalboro. A sign outside says, “Over 18 only.” Another says, “No cameras, no touching, cash only.”
On Tuesday, two men sipped coffee at a booth while three topless waitresses and a bare-chested waiter stood nearby. Topless waitress Susie Wiley said men, women and couples have stopped by.

I’m sorry, but I really wouldn’t want to drink my coffee while a topless woman was walking around. It’s just a very uncomfortable thought. Coffee, scones and boobs? No. That’s not a good combination.

What’s even more amazing about this coffee shop: There were 150 applicants for 10 positions. In Maine. The last place in the U.S. you want to be walking around without a sweater. Damn economy.

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This reminds me of the Seineld episode where Jerry's girlfriend-of-the-week likes to be naked all the time; he has to explain to George why this is a bad thing. Naked hairbrushing? GOOD! Naked crouching? Not so good. Naked doesn't go well with food service, just in general.

Wait, you live in Maine? That totally figures. (I mean that in a good way).

Well, at least they are equal opportunity. I didn't expect there to be shirtless waiters.