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The boys (and girl) are back in town

supremeSeal.jpgIt seems like just yesterday that the Supremes ended their last term and yet, here we go again once more into the breach. Last week, the Supremes added 17 new cases to their docket for the upcoming term, which officially kicks off today. And over the course of this term we’ll see “a full array of hot button issues — executive power, death penalty, Internet free speech — that will continue to measure how far to the right the Roberts Court is heading on the eve of a presidential election.”

Over at Slate, SCOTUSblog’s Thomas Goldstein thinks that these new cases “strongly suggest that the highest-profile decisions will actually make the court look liberal.” Goldstein says that this view would be wrong, that the Court won’t actually have different views this term. Rather, it’ll just look that way because of the cases being reviewed — but the appearance of a move to the left might become a galvanizing issue for the Repulicans in the ‘08 campaign:

[I]n the most significant cases of the term granted thus far, the position of the court’s more liberal members will be (in the caricature of much popular reporting on the court) that accused terrorists deserve more rights, crack dealers deserve lighter sentences, and the First Amendment protects would-be distributors of child porn. All good headlines for Republican candidates.

Meanwhile, if you’re curious about the October hearing list, you can grab a PDF copy courtesy of SCOTUSblog.

But I mean, why are talking about the Supremes’ October term when there are baseball playoffs about to start off? Baseball playoffs which, shockingly, amazingly, wonderfully, will include the NL East Champions, my very own Fightin’ Phils!



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My favorite Phillies memory was when the Jays beat them to win the World Series.

Aw, Ms. Parker, why you gotta hate?

I'm not hating...Just trying to block out the horror that is the Jays ever since their Series wins...sigh. Being a sports fan in T.O is hard Seth.

Mmm, nice photos. My husband, who loves me less than he promised in his vows apparently, went to that game without me. :(