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The best little lawyer in Georgia

badge.jpgIf you’re ever in Fulton County, Georgia and find yourself looking for a lawyer, look no further than Moreton Rolleston Jr. And right now, he’s easy as hell to find - just head over to the county jail. That’s where the 88-year-old attorney is sitting, thanks to his ongoing “machinations and artifice” in trying to muck up the transfer and sale of 18 acres of property (a sale he is supposed to make as part of a settlement). During a hearing last week, which Rolleston appeared to in handcuffs, the lawyer was quite uppity and had to be repeatedly calmed by the deputies. He made various arguments trying to justify his actions, including this curious bit:

“A lawyer’s right to pursue his law practice is protected by the U.S. Constitution,” said Rolleston, “and nobody has a right to stop him.”

The judge didn’t buy it, and said that Rolleston will remain in jail until he dismisses the pending appeal which is holding things up, and signs a waiver assuring that he won’t file any other appeals.

And if you’re not yet sold on the fact that Rolleston is the feisty lawyer you’re looking for, how’s this for you - back in the 60’s, he got to argue his own case before the Supreme Court. He tried to claim that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 did not mean that he had to let blacks into a motel he owned. Sure, the Supremes didn’t buy into his racist argument, but you gotta’ give him props for trying, right?

He’s also been involved in a variety of other lawsuits on his own behalf, including an 11-year-feud over a $5.2 million malpractice judgment that he got hit with in the 90’s:

The opinions documenting his string of losing legal battles are often blistering: In turning down a case he brought in Cobb County, Ga., against a purchaser last year, Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears authored a separate concurring opinion asserting that “frivolous and reprehensible conduct has caused needless hardship for his opponents.” Further, she wrote, “Rolleston has also disgraced the legal profession … this Court should utilize its inherent authority to order that he be disbarred.”

As one opposing attorney puts it: “No one has been given more opportunity to have his day in court; and day, and day, and day, at great expense to all.”

So go git yerself some Rolleston representation now, while you still can!