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That’s the Way the Cookie Cru … What? He’s Gonna Slash Their Wrists?

simpsons_otto_mann.jpgI appreciate a man who takes pride in his job, but maybe this guy is a little too serious about his job.

A Texas school bus driver has been arrested after allegedly brandishing a knife and threatening three sixth-graders for leaving cookie crumbs on a seat.
Police say they confiscated a pocket knife with a 2-inch blade after taking the 66-year-old into custody.
Two students told their parents that William Allen took them out of the bus this week. He reportedly threatened to cut their wrists if they didn’t admit eating Oreo cookies and leaving crumbs.

It’s pathetic, really. I mean: It was the kid who was eating Oreo’s on the bus, and they punish the bus driver? Maybe kids deserve a little wrist-slashing every once in a while. It builds character!

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Reminds me of Chris Farley in Billy Madison.