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That’s one small step for man, one giant — hey, get off my moonrock patch! …Damn kids.

fullmoon.jpgThe June issue of Popular Mechanics has an interesting article about property rights on the moon. Since 1967’s Outer Space Treaty, nations can’t lay claim to lunar property, but that says nothing about individual private rights. Thirteen countries have signed a Moon Treaty, which does prohibit private ownership rights, but none of the major players in space travel are signatories. So no help there either.

I won’t spoil the rest of the article — if you’re interested, you can go read it. And while we’re talking space, I wanna throw a link out to a great write-up over at Bad Astronomy about astronomers having witnessed the actual kablooey moment of a supernova. Back in my “I’m gonna be an astrophysicist” days, my career was moving towards the study of dying stars, particularly supernovas and pulsars. So I find this story fascinating, and I figure certain select nerds will appreciate reading out this pretty fantastic discovery.

Ok, Science Friday is over. Sorry about that.

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What's interesting about the lunar property folks is that the major players are the same guys (all gray beards) who want to line the Pacific coast with missiles for 'star wars' type defense systems. Some of them have been encouraged by the administration to push moon the agenda forward, and they are often quite fanatical about it (though that was revealed by a gray beard after a few drinks at a reception in DC - so maybe he was just trying to impress young policy wonks). You can speculate on your own about why the missile defense contractors were asked to move the agenda forward rather than other contractors who would more likely be building the technology to get us there.