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“That’s not hot.”

paris3.jpgSince Friday morning, I had pretty much been off-line because I was out celebrating my baby sister’s wedding. So last night, I sat down to catch up with what was going on in the world and I was tickled pink to see repeated headlines about Paris Hilton’s jail sentence. I’m sure you’ve heard about it at this point, but if not, here are the important facts: Paris is going to the clink for 45 days.

I mean, that’s all you really need to know, right?

(If you actually do care about the particulars, this sentence is the result of a probation violation - she got busted driving on a suspended license while on probation from a drunk driving case.)

Hilton’s wonderful mother called this “a joke,” and her lawyer said he was “shocked” and said he would appeal. But for me, this actually reestablishes my faith in our judicial system. More importantly, my agnosticism may be dwindling, because how can you not picture a higher power pulling the stings and giggling behind the scenes of this one?

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Paris is an idiot. I'm glad she's getting jail time.