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That should be “may it please the court to kiss my ass one more time”

kiss-ass.jpgLast week, Above the Law anointed Julio Mora its Pro Se Litigant of the Day, and Mr. Mora has fully earned that award. He was recently sanctioned by the Florida Supreme Court over a pleading he filed with the court, a pleading he called: “Petition to Inhibit Jurisdiction from this Very Supreme Court of Injustice.” In this petition, Mora claimed that the Court was “a pack of incompetent cowards, without balls, testicles, courage or valor.” Then he went on this wonderful tirade, urging the Court to:

“[T]ake this case and the ultimate decision, if ever, and please shovel it to the chief justice and every other justice’s asshole, in order to have a common place to store the justices’ crap, together with the justice crap from their’s mind, properly disposed through the sewer system, in order to prevent the contaminants to reach the citizen of Florida, and also kiss Julio Mora’s the idiot seeking justice, kiss his asshole every time the justice will retire going to their den…. Please kiss my ass one more time.”

At least he said “please.” But those sticklers in the Florida Supreme Court weren’t amused, and said the court would no longer accept Mora’s pro se filings, and that anything he wanted to file would have to be signed by a Florida attorney. Too bad Jack Thompson has also been so sanctioned, cause I bet he’d sign Mora’s filings in a heartbeat.