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That is one way to handle it…

puppyloveDM2702_468x708.jpgNot content on letting Italy hog all the squicky age-inappropriate romancing all to itself, a couple in Northfleet, Kent, England had decided to stop fighting the relationship between their 16-year-old daughter and the 36-year-old divorced father of the one she loves (pictured). Better yet: he gets to live with her under their roof.

When Alison Garcia, 16, announced that she was leaving home to be with her 36-year-old lover, her parents could have been forgiven for hitting the roof.
Instead, Sheila and Paul Garcia did something most other parents would find unthinkable.
Last month, they invited divorced double-glazing fitter and father-of-one Craig Wright into their home, where he now shares a bedroom with their daughter.
According to 51-year-old Sheila, of Northfleet, Kent, who runs a yachting business with her 56-year-old husband, they had no choice in the matter.

And yes, the familiar tropes of her being mature for her age and him being so much better than those icky, insecure boys her own age did indeed pop up.

At least he has a job and can pay his own way. The only thing slightly worse than a grown man living with your daughter under your roof is one who is living on your dime. Am I right?

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I love when so-called parents refuse to parent and then want to whine about the consequences. "No choice" translates to : "We've spoiled the little slitch her entire life and now we're scared that if we try to discipline her she might not speak to us again." Boo frigging hoo. If my kids are pissed at me because I said no, it means I'm doing my job right.

Of course you could also point to the family in Texas that was just murdered because the parents wanted to break up their daughter's relationship. Maybe this was just self-preservation...