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That Dude is Really Happy to See You

marijuana.jpgA Canadian man, arrested for failing to show up to several court dates, is searched and thrown into jail. Unfortunately, the cops failed to check one certain area:

It was only when he was being checked in to prison that guards discovered nine grams of marijuana wrapped around his penis. [John Christopher] Williams says it was all a misunderstanding.

A misunderstanding? Dude: A misunderstanding is when your wife asks you to pick up bread and you bring home eggs. A misunderstanding is confusing a man named Barack Hussein for a Middle-Eastern dictator. Wrapping nine grams of bud around your schlong ain’t a misunderstanding, it’s an awesome Tuesday night for someone.

(Mini Diversion: How many grams can you wrap around your penis?)

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One. :(

I only wrap in ounces.

That's an interpretation of foreplay I never even thought of.

Ok... ok... I'll say it... smoking the pole