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That Brokeback Got Me Good

brokeback_2601_wideweb__470x314%2C0.jpgA Chicago family is suing the city’s board of education after a substitute teacher showed a girl Brokeback Mountain during class. The lawsuit alleges that, as a result of this viewing, 12-year-old Jessica Turner suffered psychological distress. Jessica Turner and her grandparents are seeking $500,000 in damages.

$500,000! Because the 8th-grader was witness to big-screen man love? That’s ridiculous. Granted, the film was rated R and the substitute showed it without parental permission. But, really? Did it really warrant half-a-million dollars of psychological trauma? And what kind of fucked up kid, in the Chicago school system no less, would actually need to attend psychological treatment and counseling after seeing Brokeback Mountain?

Listen, Jessica — that wasn’t counseling. It’s called brainwashing. And if you know what’s good for you, take whatever amount of cash the school system offers and get the hell away from your grandparents. Quick. If you suffer psychological torment that necessitates counseling every time you see two men kiss, well, you may as well just toss yourself out a window now and save us all the trouble.


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I wonder why the teacher thought Brokeback was a good idea. Was School House Rock already checked out by another class?

She wasn't scarred by the on-screen man-love. She was sent into shock wondering how Heath Ledger could be nominated for an oscar after mumbling all his dialogue.