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“Texas police - acting first, asking questions later!”

texas.jpgImagine you’re happily asleep in your comfy bed, resting peacefully next to your wonderful wife. At 1:30 in the morning there’s a knock on your door. Strange, you think, that someone would be knocking at this late hour. The people at the door say they’re cops, but you’re not so sure, so you ask your wife to give a call to 911. The 911 operator surprises your wife by telling her that the cops are there because there was a domestic violence call - that is, someone called to say you were beating your wife.

Meanwhile, the cops outside your door are fed up of waiting, so they try to kick the door in. That’s when you wife tells you that 911 confirms it’s actually the cops at the door, so you open it to let them in. You’re rewarded by immediately being put into a choke hold and drug around your apartment. Your wife and kids watch as you are then cuffed and pulled outside, still wearing nothing but the undies you sleep in.

Your wife begins pleading with the cops that they’ve made a mistake and that you don’t beat her. When they finally get around to looking at her and realizing that she’s not, in fact, bruised and beaten, they acquiesce and high-tail it out of there.

Later, you learn that the dispatcher gave them the wrong address, and they should’ve been knocking down a door two houses down from you. The man in that house was later properly arrested for assault.

I imagine that when the eventual lawsuit is filed, the Texas cops will quickly settle it out. This kind of thing doesn’t exactly create the best public image, you know?