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Sunlight — Now Worth $33 Million

rosie.jpgA legal secretary for the New York City firm of Binder & Binder has sued the firm, claiming that it failed to accommodate her disability. And what, prey tell, was that disability? Seasonal affective disorder, of course, which I understand is another one of those “diseases” invented by the pharmaceutical companies to profit on SAD drugs – you know, like restless leg syndrome. According to Wikipedia, SAD causes people to suffer from depression during certain parts of the year, either summer or winter, and it’s often called the winter blues – or what I call football season. Rosie O’Donnell also suffers from SAD, which might explain a few things.

Anyway, the secretary, Caryl Dontfraid, claims that things started to go sour right after she revealed to her employers that she suffered from the disease. Soon thereafter, the “exemplary employee” was relocated to a different workstation, along with the rest of her department. However, she argued, it wasn’t close enough to a window for her liking. She demanded reasonable accommodation and when the firm refused, she refused to work. Dontfraid was fired later that day.

Naturally, she’s now suing her former employer for $33 million. $33 million! How about that?! Oh, and I should probably mention that her new workstation was three feet away from the window. I’m guessing she arrived at that $33 million figure by ascertaining that every foot away from the window warranted $11 million dollars.

Personally, I might’ve accommodated Ms. Dontfraid in a different manner – I would’ve bought a freakin’ sun lamp and stuck it over her head and grumbled, “Light enough for you, lady,” every time I passed by her desk. Either that, or set up her workstation out on the goddamn sidewalk where there’s plenty of sunlight, as long as you don’t mind sharing your coffee with the homeless folks who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder year round.

Stupid litigious country.

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SAD is actually a legitimate offshoot of depression, as far as I understand. Although, moving a desk closer to a window isn't going to change the season....so I don't know who would be dumb enough to find that a valid argument.

Yea, 33 mil is ridiculous, but restless leg syndrome isn't.
All my aunts have it and I have it and it gets worse as you get older. Wakes you up at night and you have to pace around the house to move your legs. Uncomfortable PITA. Wish I could get $33 mil for it!

Restless leg syndrome and SAD, along with many others are complete bullshit. Yeah, your legs my be restless, but is getting a bleeding ulcer, or having your hair fall out worth it. Listen to the side effects when they show those commercials, it's ridiculous. As far as SAD, get over it, everyone gets a little blue over winter. GO TO THE TANNING BED. In Alaska, your health insurance helps to pay for it because of the high rate of suicide. And if you were sad enough you would have killed yourself. Not killing yourself is not worth $33 million.

Michelle, I hope one day you get a real bad migraine and ask for Advil, and the only person who has Advil nearby refuses to give it to you saying, "What a whiner! I doubt that headache is bad enough to risk renal failure. Dialysis for the rest of your life vs. hours of headache? Sheez."
Maybe you'll point out that the risk of that is so small that you're willing to put up with it. Like, the other medications for "bullshit"
And tanning beds give you cancer. Are you saying that cancer is more appealing to you than the minimal side effects of SSRIs? Or looking orange and leathery?
No comment on the killing-yourself thing, that's not even worth dignifying.

Although, none of that justifies the law suit since she could have just plugged in a sunlamp at work. And like someone pointed out, the window is useless, because the reason you get SAD is cuz the sunlight is too weak in the winter to make enough melatonin or whatever.

Let's see if I've got this straight...A woman is suing her company because they did a restructure and moved her desk 3 feet away from the window, and she gets depressed when the earth isn't tilted toward the sun. I follow that logic! Companies should clearly relocate employees with SAD so they are not exposed to wintery conditions.